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‘Twas the Month Before Christmas – A Poem

‘Twas the month before Christmas at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant.
The wait staff was preparing holiday food they were excited to flaunt.
Their stockings were hung by the register with care,
But they worried that St. Nicholas might not come there.

The cooks and the chefs were busy with cooking,
And the wait staff was writing down holiday bookings.
“Look at these reservations! We’re sure filling up fast!
Guests will arrive soon in their coats, scarves, and hats!”

Then out on the doorstep, there arose such a clatter,
The staff sprang from the kitchen to see what was the matter.
The cooks were making soup, with a salt and pepper dash,

But away to the window, they flew in a dash.

The moon shone brightly on the new-fallen snow
All ‘round the restaurant was beginning to glow.
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But a snowmobile sleigh, filled with lots of Christmas gear!

With a little old driver, so jolly and quick,
They knew at that moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles the wait staff they came,
Whistling and shouting, and yelling his name.

“But you’re early, Santa! Why are you here?
It’s not Christmas Eve yet! Shouldn’t you disappear?”
He replied, “I assure you this is not a mistake,”
“I got hungry . . . and I heard you make a great cheesecake!”

Santa walked past the crowd, and they turned around
To see him heading through the front door with a bound.
“Oh boy!” said Nick, as he sat at table one.
“I’ve heard your prime rib and grilled chicken cannot be outdone!”

With no hesitation, Santa picked up a menu.
“I’ll start with roast pork, fresh salmon, and a tour of this lovely venue.”
And laying his finger aside of his glass,
He gave a quick nod, and took a gulp fast!

After eating four courses and admiring the scenery,
St. Nick commented this restaurant was indeed perfect for families.
When he’d had his fill, and eaten one more piece of chocolate cake,
He climbed back in his sleigh amid the falling snowflakes.

And then away he flew, calling out with a yell,
“Thanks for the meal; I think your place is swell!
Make your holiday reservations at Mylar & Loreta’s this year!
Maybe I’ll stop by again and see you all here!”