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Join Us for a Meal at Our Restaurant After Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Colours
At Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, fall is one of our favourite seasons because of the beautiful colours that pop up everywhere. Not very far from our restaurant are several hiking trails you can enjoy this fall before joining us at our restaurant for a delicious home-cooked meal and superior service.

Our owner Spencer explores the Singhampton section of Bruce Trail on a regular basis. In fact, just 4 or 5 kilometres north of our restaurant is a parking area and a trailhead for a gorgeous 2-km loop. Since we had so much rain this year, the growth of the trees is the best it’s been in 10 years, which means the colours on the trees will be absolutely gorgeous when fall arrives.

In addition to the Bruce Trail loop, we highly recommend the Nottawasaga Lookout. Our owner personally does this trail three times a week. It boasts beautiful views of the bay, and at the top, you can see all the way to Collingwood!

Another great fall hike you could try this season that’s close to our restaurant is Devil’s Glen Provincial Park Trail. The view from the platform reaches over the entire valley, and it is incredibly scenic when the fall colours spread across the lower walls.

This fall is the perfect time to get out on a hike and explore the beautiful area that surrounds our restaurant! If you want any more hike recommendations or would like to make a reservation for a large group at our family restaurant, give us a call.