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If you’re still looking for the perfect restaurant near Collingwood, pay a visit to us at Mylar & Loreta’s.

Restaurant in Collingwood, OntarioMost people have a favourite restaurant where they can go to enjoy a tasty meal and spend time with loved ones. But if you’re still looking for the perfect restaurant near Collingwood, Ontario, pay a visit to Mylar & Loreta’s. We are famous in the area for our delicious food and top-notch service, and many of our regulars continue to come back at least once a week to try every item on the menu, while others order the same entrées every time they come in. No matter what you choose, we are confident that you’ll love the food and appreciate the warm, friendly service that you’ll get from our staff.

Our menu includes a variety of options to suit any palate. If you’re dining with us for breakfast, which is available until 4 p.m., satisfy your appetite with our Omelette Platter. This hearty meal includes a three-egg omelette with choice of two fresh ingredients, served with your choice of breakfast meat, home fries, and toast. Loreta’s Eggs Benedict are another breakfast favourite, featuring fresh poached eggs served with ham on an English muffin, covered in creamy Hollandaise sauce, and a side of home fries.

You can also try the lunch and dinner entrees at our restaurant. For lunch, a BLT sandwich is a favourite, or you may love Mylar’s Turkey Club House Sandwich, which includes toasted bread piled high with roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. We also have several salad options that are perfect for lunch, or a dinner menu packed with hot meals that combine fresh ingredients and tasty flavours.

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