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Local Restaurant, Singhampton, ON

With our delectable menu items and superior service, we have everything you could want in a local restaurant.

Local Restaurant in Singhampton, Ontario

If you are in the Singhampton, Ontario area and are looking for a great place to enjoy a meal, then you should come see us at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant. Our local restaurant has been in operation since 1850, and in its long lifespan has gone by many names and passed through many hands. Today, our team is proud to offer home cooked meals made with the freshest ingredients, which you can enjoy at your leisure in our comfortable, homey atmosphere, attended by our excellent service staff.

Our menu boasts a wide range of options to suit any palette, including hardy fare like our roasted pork specialty, as well as lighter fare like our grilled salmon. You can also choose from our selection of desserts if you’re craving something sweet, or from our bar offerings including beer, wine, cocktails, or even shots if you are in the mood to celebrate in style. Our excellent food makes Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant a popular venue for both locals and tourists alike. In addition, it is conveniently located near many year-round outdoor recreation activities, and nothing will complete your day of outdoor fun quite like a home-cooked meal.

We at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant pride ourselves on giving all of our guests the best dining experience.  Our team is committed to making our local restaurant a memorable attraction for tourists and a familiar treat for locals. Next time you are looking for a great local restaurant, just stop by our location to get something truly special.

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