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Dinner Restaurant, Creemore, ON

Enjoy a meal like you’ve never experienced at our dinner restaurant.

Dinner Restaurant in Creemore, Ontario

In the Creemore, Ontario area, there are so many activities that you’re able to do in the great outdoors. Things such as hiking, ATV trails, snowmobile access, scenic views, skiing and cross-country skiing opportunities all within the area draw tourists and locals alike to these fun outdoor adventures. After enjoying your time outside, there’s nothing quite like the enjoyment of sitting down to a meal in a local dinner restaurant like ours.

At Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, we have a long history with the area around Creemore, Ontario that leads back to the 1800s. While our dinner restaurant has changed hands a few times in its history, it has been Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant for nearly 35 years now! When you visit us for your dinner restaurant enjoyment, you’ll get to experience home-cooked meals like prime rib, turkey, pork, breakfast platters, sandwiches, salads, and deserts that will be the perfect end cap to your meal.

Are you looking for a dinner restaurant that you can share with a small or large group of people? We can cater to your party in either our main dining room (around 80 guests) or one of our smaller rooms (15-20 guests). We host successful parties all the time here at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, so you can feel comfortable acquiring our services for parties, retreats, and any group of people looking to enjoy spending time in a great dinner restaurant. For information about our menu, prices, available times or any other queries, give us a call today!

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