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Put a Little Love in Your Heart with These Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles, Couples, and Friends
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, we love celebrating the day of love! Whether you’re single or paired off, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to focus on the people you love, even if the day doesn’t involve long-stemmed red roses and gourmet chocolates. Here are just a few ideas to enjoy the day for friends, couples, and singles.

  • Host a “Galentine’s Day” Dinner—The growing trend of “Galentine’s Day” isn’t going away anytime soon! On this non-official holiday for women (typically February 13th), gather your best girlfriends for an evening away at our restaurant. We’ll keep our beautiful desserts coming!
  • Catch Up with a Friend at Lunch—Is there someone in your life you’ve lost touch with? Ask them out for a quick lunch this Valentine’s Day to catch up and reconnect. You won’t regret reviving the relationship or enjoying a meal at our restaurant.
  • Set Aside a Night to Connect—From working and errands to home projects and kids, there can be so much going on in your life that it’s hard to leave room to connect with your partner. This Valentine’s Day, set aside an evening at our restaurant to reset, relax, and reconnect with the person you love most: your partner.
  • Share a Special Dessert—Valentine’s Day is a great day to indulge! Bring a friend, family member, or your partner into our restaurant to share a special dessert. Our dessert menu includes everything from gourmet carrot cake to our famous decadent chocolate cake.
  • Make a New Memory—Valentine’s Day can be rough. Instead of dwelling in the past come February 14th, use the day to do something for yourself that you’ve been itching to try, whether you go on an outdoor adventure or stay at home with a warm fire and a good book. Whatever you do, make sure you finish off your day with a homecooked meal!