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Here at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, we want to take a minute and say thank you to all the dads out there for everything they do! In honour of Father’s Day this year, we’ve thought about what some of the famous dads from different movies would order if they stopped by our restaurant to eat:

•   George Banks –In the iconic 90’s film Father of the Bride, George Banks is only a slight overreactor who has a hard time giving away his daughter to a man she met abroad and got engaged to after only six months. We think George would order our fish and chips (with a sundae for dessert) and finish it in seconds while venting about the cost of his daughter’s wedding the entire time.

Fish Chips

•   Clark Griswold—Poor Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation just wanted to have the best Christmas ever with his family, but a series of unfortunate events, including cutting into a bone-dry turkey at dinner, ruined his plans. If Clark came into our restaurant, he’d order our traditional roast turkey dinner to finally get the delicious turkey dinner he deserved.

Clark Griswold - How to wear a cardigan

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•   George Bailey – George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life would order our delicious hot sandwich because, just like him, it’s old-fashioned, classic, and heartwarming.

Hot Sandwich

•   Atticus Finch – In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finish is a model parent and dedicated public servant. We think he’d order our breakfast special, so he could quickly get back to his day and spend time looking after Scout.

Atticus Finch

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•   Mrs. Doubtfire – In the comical classic Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel Hillard dresses up as a kind, elderly woman, so he can cleverly spend more time with his kids. If he came in as Daniel Hillard, this dad would order something fun and straightforward, like our spaghetti, but if he came in as Mrs. Doubtfire, he’d order something healthy and delicious his whole family could enjoy, like our grilled fresh salmon.

doubtfire hed resized

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•   Mufasa – Even though Mufasa from The Lion King probably wouldn’t make an appearance at our restaurant on Father’s Day since he’s a lion after all, we’d toast to his memory and role as an excellent father with one of our specialty house wines.


Again, we’d like to mention how thankful we are to all the great dads out there, and we would love to see you and your family at our restaurant for Father’s Day! Give us a call today to make your reservation.