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5 Things to Look Forward to as Warmer Weather Comes Our Way

It’s been a long winter, and at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, we’re more than ready to enjoy the warmer weather, spring blossoms, and sunshine as we move into the spring and summer season. Here are a few ideas we recommend for embracing the beauty and feelings of renewal that come with spring:

1.  Let in the light—Here in Ontario, natural sunlight is hard to come by during the depths of winter. As spring approaches, the days get longer, and the sun makes its appearance more often, let more natural light into your home! Open up your blinds and drapes, enjoy your morning coffee in the light of the morning sun, and get outside to enjoy the sun’s warm rays as much as possible.

2.  Plan your summer mealsAs the weather turns, your appetite for soups and comfort foods may shift to desiring lighter and more seasonal options. Asparagus, artichokes, radishes, peas, melons, blueberries, and strawberries are all readily available in the spring, so incorporate these seasonal options as much as possible into your cooking.

3.  Get outside—Toward the end of winter, you probably tire of feeling cooped up inside. Spring is a great time to revitalize your love for the outdoors and take a walk, go hiking, or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery from your balcony or patio.

4.  Do some spring cleaning—Nothing says spring like deep cleaning your home! On top of doing some extra scrubbing around your home, give your space some seasonal updates by sprucing up your bed with new linens and sheets, tidying your entryway, buying yourself flowers, or even refreshing your paint.

5.  Enjoying a meal with your family—The coming of spring is a reason to celebrate! Join us at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant for a cup of coffee in a sunny spot or a meal out with your family. Ask about which of our vintage wines are best for the season, and enjoy some of our fresh, yet filling menu options, like our grilled chicken, fresh grilled salmon, spinach salad, or gourmet carrot cake.