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Prime Rib Roast, Collingwood, ON

Our prime rib roast will give you something to look forward to every time you are near the Collingwood area!

Prime Rib Roast in Collingwood, Ontario

The Collingwood, Ontario area certainly has a lot of outdoor attractions for guests to enjoy! There are activities like skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, ATV trails and snowmobile access points for the adventurer. There are low-key activities for people who want to enjoy picturesque views and photography opportunities with our many trails and stunning views. And then, there is a place where the adventurer and photographer alike can sit down and enjoy a delicious prime rib roast together– Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant!

When you come to Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant after a day of being out and about in the Collingwood area, you’ll be treated to a home-cooked meal like you have never had before. Our prime rib roast is something that people come back for every time they visit the area! We take the best cut of the prime rib and prepare it to perfection so that the dinner you are able to experience is a slow-cooked, tender, prime rib roast with the rich, deep taste that prime rib roast is famous for! With the delectable sides and other choices on our menu, you’ll want to come back year after year for our food as well as our adventures available in the area.

At Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant, you’ll have the enjoyable experience of a meal that has been expertly prepared time and time again for over three decades now. When you enjoy one of our classic meals such as the prime rib roast, we know we will be seeing you again soon! To make a reservation or learn more about our menu, contact us today!

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