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Our ambiance, room for up to 80 guests, convenient location near Creemore, and a great menu make us a great event venue choice!

There is nothing more enjoyable than getting together with friends and family for a special celebration. Whether you are looking for an event venue to honour a birthday, promotion, anniversary, or other occasion, you and your guests will cherish the memories if you hold your party here at Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant. We understand that hosting an event takes quite a bit of planning and effort. Choosing us for your event venue is taking a big step toward making the wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or other special day everything it possibly can be.

Event Venue in Creemore, Ontario

Our central location makes it easy for your guests to get here from Creemore, Ontario and other nearby places. We have several rooms available to choose from based on how many people you expect. Our main dining room is best for larger parties and can accommodate up to 80 guests. Our other two rooms are perfect for smaller gatherings of up to 20 people.

In addition to having the space you need for your event, we make things go smoothly by handling the setup and cleanup for your event, so you can enjoy the party along with everyone else. We have delicious food options prepared in-house that will further make your event memorable. We are able to accommodate food allergies and other special dietary needs.

We are confident that your guests will love the ambiance here, including roaring fires in the fireplaces during the winter months and the rustic décor that tells the rich, historical story of our amazing building from the 1800s. If you have any questions about our restaurant and event venue services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you schedule a room and select a menu for your upcoming event.

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