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Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant is a popular dining establishment for locals and tourists alike in the Collingwood area.

Mylar & Loreta

The Legend of Mylar & Loreta

T’ was 100 years ago or so that Mylar left his home,
To find his fame and fortune, in the new land he would roam.
His journey was a long one, but finally he found
A home here in Singhampton, with good friends all around.

He talked of a fair lady, the finest in the land.
And when the time was ready he wrote home for her hand.
Loreta’s heart was bursting, her stately ship set sail.
The sky was bright, the sea was calm, no thought of stormy gale.

Then came that night of terror when her ship went down at sea.
Her soul released to heaven, her spirit was set free.
Some say she came to Mylar’s, it’s difficult to know.
His love for her kept growing. he could never let her go.

Now as you sit and dine today and enjoy our country inn,
Feel the power of their special love that lingers from within.

1850s SinghamptonThe first tavern in Singhampton was built in the 1850’s for the accommodation of travelers, land speculators, and survey crews who came into Osprey in the early days. By the late 1860’s there were two taverns and they became known as hotels.

The Upper Hotel had many owners and names. It was first called the Upper Hotel, then The Royal Hotel, The Blackstock Hotel, The Exchange Hotel, The Hampton House, and today, Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant.

Mylar & Loreta’s RestaurantCyrus Sing was the first owner and probably built the hotel. It is not known if Mr. Sing operated the hotel and had many locals working for him. In 1863 the hotel was sold to Robert Hannah of Stayner for $60.00. It changed hands again in 1870 and the new owners changed the name to The Blackstock Hotel. Mrs. Blackstock purchased the hotel from her husband, Edward, in 1887, and added the brick part of the building. In 1904, Thomas Brown was the owner and rented rooms as a hotel. There may have been liquor sold at this time, as it had been previously up to 1900. The liquor was shipped by train to Duntroon and Glen Huron in large wooden kegs, and then taken by wagon to the hotels.

Mylar & Loreta’s RestaurantIn 1914 Mrs. Blackstock bought back the hotel and rented it to John English until 1919, when it was sold to Hugh McKenney for $900.00.

During the 1920’s the hotel was a popular spot for Toronto people who would come for the weekends to fish. These weekend people were the ones who filled the hotels allowing the owners to make a living.

Mylar & Loreta’s RestaurantFrom 1928 to 1973 the hotel was operated as a general store with various owners with living quarters above. It was converted to a restaurant in 1973 and operated as The Hampton House until 1983, when the present owners took over, operating as Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant.

Today, Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant is a popular dining establishment for locals and tourists alike. It’s convenient proximity to many year-round outdoor recreational activities, and it’s reputation for serving fabulous home-cooked meals make it a “must stop” for many.

Mylar & Loreta’s Restaurant also caters to groups and special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, etc. The main dining room can accommodate up to 80 dinner guests, with 2 smaller, more intimate rooms for groups of 15 – 20.

 Bus groups are always welcome.

Reservations are recommended.

"Traveling from Huntsville back home to London. Stopped for lunch on Oct 2. Best meal of the whole trip."

Peter McComb

"We stop in every time we are passing through. Yesterday was our 1st anniversary and we chose to drive over an hour to enjoy our special meal at Mylar and Loreta’s. You never disapoint. When we walk in the door, it feels like coming home. Thank You!"

Karol and Graham

"Well what can I say about this great restaurant..fantastic food, great atmosphere, very friendly staff. A few memories for John and I here. Our first meal shared together and when we need to be reminded of that moment we head to Mylar & Loreta’s. You should too."

Kimberley & John

"Just wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful your Turkey Pot Pie is. We picked up two fresh today, one went in the freezer and one in the oven, wow! It was amazing.Your pastry is to die for...
We will be back for more, looking forward to trying more of your take out & frozen selections.
Compliments to your chef(s). Thanks again."

Tracey & Gord Giles